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Kunafah House®

Throughout years of experience and creativity, Kunafah House® has become famous for providing the finest, most delicious types of kunafah & Arabic sweets. Our obsession with quality has made Kunafah House® the leading provider for kunafah and Arabic sweets in the western region of Saudi Arabia.

Founded in 1995, Kunafah House® was the first brand ever to introduce new flavours and new types of kunafah such as the banana kunafah, chocolate kunafah, cream kunafah, and a lot more. We have successfully taken the traditional dessert to a whole new level. Our bakeries offer both traditional types of kunafah as well as modern types…always made with the finest ingredients.

What makes Kunafah House® different is its generous presentation of kunafahs and related desserts, creating a unique concept in the world of Arabic sweets. Kunafah House® offers a new kunafah experience and a modern twist on the traditional dessert.

The team at Kunafah House® is constantly working to develop new flavours and new kinds of kunafah to satisfy everyone’s taste while maintaining the quality and taste of the original treat.


Our brand reflects our love and passion for kunafah. At Kunafah House®, our delightful treats will make you fall in love at first bite. We are proud to be the market leaders in what we do and nothing helps us maintain our position more than the quality of our signature kunafahs and delightful treats.


Kunafah House® bakeries offer a large selection of kunafah and Arabic sweets ranging from the traditional classic kunafah to the more playful chocolate kunafah. We also offer a full take-away menu so the trendy customer can surprise their friends and family with a full sized kunafah or an assortment of baklavas.



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