Wasma...A Symbol of Quality

Since 1979

The decades of experience and serious adherence to the highest quality and standards have made Wasma International a symbol of quality in the market for bringing in unique, innovative products & advanced technology. Thanks to our team’s ability and dedication to keeping pace with the day-to-day developments taking place in the local and international markets, in the areas of business we operate in.

Founded in 1979, Wasma International was established with the vision of introducing and developing quality products and innovative concepts in the Middle East. Throughout the years of hard work and dedication, we have successfully expanded our scope and networks. Today, Wasma International operates a diverse portfolio with a vast experience in three main business areas; trade, food & beverage, and wood construction.

Our Mission:

Our team at Wasma International is focused on introducing and developing new and innovative concepts to the area. When selecting new ventures, we pursue concepts that offer unique, reliable, and reputable products. At Wasma International, we are committed to providing our clients with an unparalleled experience in customer service and quality. We have been uncompromising in following our codes of conduct, which include the highest levels of hygiene, integrity, and social responsibility. Our organizational culture is based on doing our best to have a positive influence on the world around us while taking advantage of exciting opportunities. With a growing team of dedicated members looking to push the boundaries, Wasma International is set to achieve great outcomes.

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